Registration for NUMATS (Northwestern University’s Midwest Academic Talent Search) 2012 Now Open

Hello NUMATS parents,

Registration is now open for NUMATS 2012 and EXPLORE?, ACT? and SAT?! Register today at

We are very excited about the recent changes we?ve built into our program. With expanded online registration and regularly updated NUMATS Toolbox resources, we?ve made it easier and more worthwhile than ever for your child to participate.

* Test preparation materials will be available on the NUMATS Toolbox in mid-September. Go to

* You can access your NUMATS Toolbox account right now to view a National Association for Gifted Children webinar with great information on how your gifted child can become a creative, productive adult.

* Students in grades 3 through 9 who test before March are now eligible for NUMATS Award Ceremony consideration.

For more information:

* Visit our website at

* E-mail us at

* Call us at 847/491-3782 extension 3.

Join us for another great NUMATS year!

Best regards,


Rhoda Rosen, Associate Director

Diane Unger, Coordinator

Julie Frate, Assistant Coordinator

Christine Thom, Program Assistant

Tiffany Tuck, Program Assistant

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