Michigan Association of Teacher Educators Fall Conference and Story Search

The Michigan Association of Teacher Educators is partnering with the Michigan Association for Gifted Children to present their fall conference, with the theme “Meeting educational challenges in difficult times.”  The conference will be held October 21-22 in Dearborn.  This could be a great local opportunity for teachers and administrators to network and develop new ideas for teaching accelerated learners.

The conference brochure and registration form is at the link below:

MATE Fall Conference- Register by 9-30-11

The conference committee has offered the attached proposal (“newsletter article”) asking parents and educators for “the wisdom of parental stories, testimonials and advocacy efforts.” This would mean a presentation of your paper at the fall conference. MATE is not worried about a specific deadline (before the week of the conference of course) or the formatting at this time.  The more presentations the merrier.  For the special section of their online winter journal, they are especially interested in the parent take on things—for there lies the clue on how to get our teachers properly prepared for the classroom.

If you or anyone you know who has something to say that is educationally enlightening about raising a gifted child…let them share!  Find out more details at the link below:

MATE newsletter article 9.23.11

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