Announcing Gifted In Michigan’s new Inventor/Maker Club!

Come on out all you closet inventors, both children and adults, aged 1 and older. We will hold our first meeting at the Mt. Elliott Makerspace in Detroit on Sunday, Nov. 13th (keep your eye out for the upcoming evite). The Makerspace has graciously agreed to allow us to use the space for free on that day from 2-6 PM. We will be negotiating future fees for use of the Makerspace at this meeting. At subsequent meetings we will get into the invention process in earnest. We will be using Susan Casey’s book, “Kids Inventing! A Handbook for Young Inventors”. this book will help us learn how to find a problem to solve and come up with ideas for inventions! Each participant will keep an inventor’s notebook to keep track of his/her own ideas and to develop them. We will also learn about making models, naming your invention, patents and trademarks, etc. And we will find out how to participate in inventor competitions and camps.

We plan to hold meetings in varying locations to accommodate everyone, and do hope to hold a fair number at local makerspaces. If enough interest is generated, we will schedule a tour of the Maker Works in Ann Arbor, which is kid- friendly, and has already agreed they’d be happy to give us a tour.

Some other ideas for the future may include participating in the First Lego group(s) Gifted In Michigan plans to form at latest next summer, with Lego Mindstorms technology. We also can participate in upcoming Robot Garage events.

If you are interested in participating, please send an email to, specifying how many copies of the “Kids Inventing!” book you’d like to purchase. We hope to get enough people interested now to get free shipping on an initial Amazon purchase. (Don’t worry if you’re not sure right now; you can always get a copy later.) The approximate cost per book will be $12 and each family will need at least one book. Really hope to see you now or in the future at an Inventor/Maker Club event!

Amy Simko and Melissa Jenkins

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