Inventor/Maker Club Update

We had a great time at the Mt. Elliott Makerspace last Sunday!  (see posted pictures on our Photos page).  I was really impressed to see the Makerspace had electronics equipment, computers, maker books, toy building kits, and even a Lego Mindstorms Kit!  I spoke with Jeff Sturges there (one of the staff) and he said we can talk about another visit sometime after the holidays (early next year).  I told him we’d like to hold a club meeting there and he said that should be just fine! 

Good news!  The “Kids Inventing” books have arrived.  I will send out an email to work out how to get the books to those who don’t have them yet.  If you want a book and have not yet ordered one, feel free to email us at to request a copy, or of course you can purchase your own.

Initial plans for the Inventor/Maker Club are as follows:

1.  Please read your book over the next month or two.

2.  I will set up about 4 initial meetings over the course of Jan/Feb in 4 different locations to hopefully accommodate everyone’s location and schedule, so that each family can attend one of the meetings.  Please let me know (if you haven’t already) what location/date/time would work good for you and I will use the info to set up the meetings.  Invitations will be sent via evite.

At the initial meeting we will discuss the book and talk about the steps each participant can take to start working on his/her own inventions (or continue if they have already started)!  I’ll ask the adults at the meeting to contribute advice and/or relate any of their own experience with inventing that they might like to speak about.

Hopefully over time as we meet together, the kids’ (and adults’!) inventions will progress and families will be able to share experience, ideas and expertise with one another.

Please feel free to attend the meetings whether or not you have signed up or purchased a book, if you are interested!

3.  Our Inventor/Maker Club activities for December will be informal, as I know most everyone is busy for the holidays.  We will meet informally at the different Makerspace events scheduled by evite for that month, such as the Robot Garage and Build ‘N Break.

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