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Good Afternoon Everyone,

I’d like to announce the Gifted in Michigan Newsletter coming soon to an inbox near you!  We will be creating a monthly newsletter which will outline the group’s upcoming activities and events, present any major group announcements, and include a consolidated list of articles of interest.

Currently, we’ve been posting articles of interest to our Facebook group.  However, that generates a lot of email for each member.  The newsletter will reduce the emails down to just one email each month and allow members to peruse the email for those sections that interest them.  Also, members will be able to more easily review information at a later date if so desired.

We will continue to post local events (not planned by Gifted in Michigan) on Facebook and to our website since they are often time sensitive.  We also invite and encourage all members to continue to post to Facebook for support or questions about raising our very unique children.

All Gifted in Michigan planned events will continue to be scheduled using evite and posted at  The newsletter will provide a snapshot of the Gifted in Michigan Planned events for the upcoming month.

Often our members find some fantastic articles that would be of interest to others.  We don’t want to lose out on sharing them, so we ask that you send them to gimlinks@gmail.comWe will include all member shared articles in the newsletter too.  And if you’re a writer or inspired to write an article about raising a gifted child or have a blog about raising a gifted child, please send it our way.  We’ll include relevant articles in the newsletter and post a link to your blog on our website.

We hope that all members will enjoy the newsletter, but understand that some may prefer to opt-out of the monthly email.  If you would like to opt-out, please send an email to with the subject line: Opt-out of Newsletter and we’ll remove you from our distribution list. 


Amy Simko

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