Inventor/Maker Club Update

Sorry for the tardiness of this club update!  It took me a little longer than I expected to set up the second and third “How to Get Started Inventing” meetings.  We do now have the dates set!  The first meeting will be at the Farmington Main Public Library in Farmington Hills on Saturday, March 10th at 10:30 AM.  The second meeting will be at the Mt. Elliott Makerspace in Detroit on March 24th, tentatively at 2:00 PM.  See the corresponding evite links below!  If your child is interested in learning how to make his/her own invention(s), please consider attending one of these meetings (The content will be the same at each)!  It will be helpful if your child can read “Kids Inventing: A Handbook for Young Inventors” prior to the meeting if possible, but not required!  I know many of you already have your copy.  If you need a copy, please feel free to obtain one yourself, or send an email to asking to be added to the list for the  next group order!  The Farmington Main library will have a few copies available for checkout.  If you can, bring a looseleaf notebook to the meeting.  This will be your child’s invention journal, and we will be talking about how an invention journal can be used to work on and document an invention!

 The Mt. Elliott Makerspace will be inviting local East Detroit youth to attend our Mt. Elliott meeting.  Many of these youth will be in need of a copy of the “Kid’s Inventing” book, but will not be able to afford it.  Would you or your child  like to donate a book to a youth from Detroit?  The cost is $10.85.  This is your chance to help a child in need learn about inventing!  Please email if you are interested.  Thanks!!

 Once these “How To” meetings are complete, our club’s focus will be on working to create actual inventions.  We will have one meeting each month.  Some of our initial meetings will involve visiting local makerspaces to see what community resources are available to help our children work on their inventions!  April’s Inventor/Maker Club meeting will be a tour of Makerworks in Ann Arbor!  That tour is scheduled for Saturday, April 14th at noon.  Hope to see you there!  Happy Inventing!

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