Future Problem Solving Program

A chance for parent, educators & kids to learn about: Future Problem Solving Program!

When: Monday, April 30, 2012, 6:30pm – 8 pm

Where: Village Elementary, 10632 Hibner Rd, Hartland, MI

Preregistration: contact Marie at 810-227-5379 or m.brucker@comcast.net

Free thanks to hosts HP4K, Chapter of MAGC

Details of Future Problem Solving Program at www.michiganfps.org

Once again the Michigan Association for Gifted Children, MAGC, is offering a fun-filled evening for parents and educators to find out what is involved in the Future Problem Solving Program.  This is a low-budget, friendly competition that excites the minds of children. This evening, April 30 at the Hartland Village Elementary, will be a hands-on trial run of the steps involved in doing real-life problem solving. All will experience some of excitement of the program and learn the details  for bringing it to their school or neighborhood (a school affiliation is not required to participate). This is definitely a great way to get the creative juices flowing and stimulate the minds!

Please spread the word! All are welcome between the ages of Kindergarten and high school as  well as parents and educators. Preregistration is recommended.

More details:

By participating in the program students will develop skills through research and investigation of student selected topic areas relevant to their world. FPSP meets standards for curriculum and instruction, language arts, social studies, science, the arts, math, geography, civics, technology, life skills and behavioral studies. Various divisions allow for all grade levels to participate—from Kindergarten through 12th.  The perfect addition to provide additional challenging, exciting school activities!  Both parents and educators can be coaches. It doesn’t happen unless YOU help!

Some of the valuable, life skills learned from participating in FPSP include:

  • Developing creative thinking abilities
  • Increase awareness of and interest in the future
  • Learn and employ problem-solving strategies
  • Develop team work skills
  • Improve oral and written communication
  • Exercise critical and analytical thought
  • Engage in real-life problem solving
  • Extend perceptions of the real world
  • Explore complex societal issues
  • Develop, utilize and improve research techniques

FPS program hartland April 30

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