November 2012 Gifted In Michigan Newsletter Now Available

Please check our Newsletter menu item for the November 2012 Gifted In Michigan Newsletter!  Thanks for reading!

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4 Responses to November 2012 Gifted In Michigan Newsletter Now Available

  1. IT’S BEAUTIFUL, MELISSA! Did you already introduce me? Can you go back and put my event on it? Detroit Unity Temple 17505 Second Ave. Detroit, MI 48203 Friday, November 9, 2012, 6p – 8p. Called Rev. Barry. No response. Will try again. The Magic Pencil, an uplifting novel for Youth! The Magic Pencil Curriculum Guide for Instructors The Magic Pencil Black Language Glossary I Love Me Some ME! Positivity Poems for Our YoungStars

    Join Malcolm Bakersfield in his quest to learn the secret to the power of the pencil. Meet his mysterious friend, Nia, who started it all. Discover Malc’s and your hidden powers!


    313.632.3384 cellular 313-451-2628 events

    Dabs & Company! CREATEactTIVITY!


    • giftedinmichigan says:

      Karen, yes, you were announced in a previous issue! Sorry I had meant to add your event and inadvertently forgot! I also forgot a Mensa event. Will fix within the next couple of days and re-upload. Thanks for calling Rev. Barry, and thanks for the compliment on the newsletter!

  2. Gretchen H says:

    Thanks for all the hard work putting together the family directory!

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