Northwestern University Center For Talent Development Speaker to Present December 4th in Farmington Hills

Northwestern University’s Midwest Academic Talent Search (NUMATS)
in conjunction with Together for Accelerated Learners and Farmington PTA, present
Dec. 4th, 7pm East middle school, 25000 Middlebelt Rd., Farmington Hills, MI  48336
Special Guest Presenter: 
Rhoda Rosen, PhD, Associate Director, Center for Talent Development at Northwestern University
NUMATS offers valid assessment and targeted, customized online resources. Together with supplemental academic programming, NUMATS provides a well-researched model for gifted children to reach full potential.
The first step in charting an effective academic program for gifted students is to assess their ability accurately.  Above-grade-level testing through NUMATS is the best means available.  High achievers hit the ceiling on standardized grade-level tests.  They require a more advanced test, one designed for a higher grade level, to gain a true measure of where they are performing and what they need moving forward.
But the test score is just the first step.  The second step is to access a myriad of instructional and planning resources to develop an engaging program that facilitates academic growth.  In doing so, educators and parents alike can work to ensure that gifted students follow a path that leads from high potential to exceptional achievement.
Join Rhoda Rosen for an informative session to discuss the benefits of above-grade level testing as a critical assessment and planning tool for gifted students in grades 3 through 9.
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