Immediate Action Requested: For Our Gifted Children!

February 28.2013

Dear Families with Gifted and Talented Children and Youth in Michigan:

A joint meeting of the House Appropriations and Education Committees is taking place next Wednesday in Lansing at the State Capitol Building to discuss allocations for the State Aid Act that funds education in Michigan.

Since there is no funding for gifted education in Michigan, only children whose families can afford private gifted schools or those fortunate enough to reside in the few school districts that offer gifted programs receive an education commensurate with their abilities.

The Michigan Association for Gifted Children (MAGC) asked the House Appropriations and Education Committees to approve an allocation of 1% of the Michigan education budget for gifted students.  The money would ensure:

  • Teacher training in gifted education for public school teachers
  • The development, implementation, and assessment of gifted and talented programs that take place during the school day for gifted and talented students
  • High quality gifted and talented materials, resources, programs and services for gifted students in grades K-12.

The “live email links” to members of the MI House Appropriations and Education Committees are listed below.  Please contact them immediately and let them know how much the 1% allocation would mean to your own and other gifted children. Briefly, share your stories with them; tell them what it has been like for your children and families without access to gifted education.

In addition, please ask family members, friends, teachers, and administrators to do the same. Every person you know, who is 18 years of age and older—including different members of the same household, can and should send a separate communication—because each person is a separate constituent.  This increases the number of letters legislators receive and therefore multiplies and underscores the importance and urgency of this issue.

Together we CAN change the future for gifted children in Michigan!

With Appreciation,

The Michigan Association for Gifted Children, Advocacy Committee

Just “click on the names below” and reach as many committee members as you want to support gifted education.

House Education Committee Members:

Lisa Posthumus Lyons (R) Committee Chair, 86th District

Ray Franz (R) Majority Vice-Chair, 101st District

Hugh D. Crawford (R) 38th District

Kevin Daley (R) 82nd District

Bob Genetski (R) 80th District

Pete Lund (R) 36th District

Tom McMillin (R) 45th District

Tom Hooker (R) 77th District

Bradford Jacobsen (R) 46th District

Amanda Price (R) 89th District

Ken Yonker (R) 72nd District

Ellen Lipton (D) Minority Vice-Chair, 27th District

David Knezek (D) 11st District

Winnie Brinks (D) 76th District

Thomas Stallworth (D) 7th District

Collene Lamonte (D) 91st District

Theresa Abed (D) 71st District

Ben Cook, Committee Clerk, 517.373-2002

House Appropriations Committee Members:

Joe Haveman (R) Committee Chair, 90th District

Al Pscholka (R) Majority Vice-Chair, 79th District

Eileen Kowall (R) 44th District

Matt Lori (R) 59th District

Bill Rogers (R) 42nd District

John Walsh (R) 19th District

Jon Bumstead (R) 100th District

Anthony Forlini (R) 24th District

Peter MacGregor (R) 73rd District

Greg MacMaster (R) 105th District

Nancy Jenkins (R) 57th District

Paul Muxlow (R) 83rd District

Earl Poleski (R) 64th District

Phil Potvin (R) 102nd District

Michael McCready (R) 40th District

Martin Howrylak (R) 41st District

Rob VerHeulen (R) 74th District

Rashida Tlaib (D) Minority Vice-Chair, 6th District

Terry Brown (D) 84th District

Fred Durhal (D) 5th District

Sean McCann (D) 60th District

Brandon Dillon (D) 75th District

Sarah Roberts (D) 18th District

Andrew Kandrevas (D) 13rd District

Pam Faris (D) 48th District

Adam Zemke (D) 55th District

Sam Singh (D) 69th District


Ben Williams, Jr., Committee Clerk, 517-373-1988

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