Helicopter 2050 Challenge

For all those engineers out there!!

Helicopter 2050 Challenge

KIDS CAN WIN  $1,000!

Announcing…the 3rd Annual Helicopter 2050 Challenge!

What’s it all about?

BKFK and Sikorsky want to hear about kids’ visions for helicopters of the future that will help overcome global challenges.

Kids of all ages can learn about helicopters and the principles of

flight with fun STEM-based activities. Kids 9–16 can enter the challenge
to win GREAT prizes, including a trip to Sikorsky  headquarters and

Visit www.helicopter2050.com to read the complete rules and enter to  win!

Entries will be accepted through September 30.

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One Response to Helicopter 2050 Challenge

  1. brian203 says:

    CONTEST DEADLINE! Sikorsky Aircraft is giving kids the chance to WIN a $1,000 scholarship and flight to Sikorsky’s headquarters for a private tour of the iconic Black Hawk and Seahawk assembly lines.
    The challenge? Create a helicopter of 2050 that helps overcome global challenges! Submission deadline is 9/30. Learn more here–>> http://bit.ly/1f2fDP3

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