Homeschool High School Debate Class

I want to make sure all area homeschoolers are aware of this unique and incredible opportunity. Many great college scholarships are available for debate! Space is limited and the deadline to register is August 9, 2013.
What:  High School Debate class – Grades 9 to 12 only. 
When:  11AM – Noon, on Wednesdays this fall.  14 weeks, from September 11th through December 18th, with Thanksgiving week off.  The class is designed to be a year long class; interested students will have the opportunity to continue in the winter/spring semester.  
Where:  St. John Lutheran Church, 23225 Gill Road, Farmington Hills, 48335.  (In conjunction with Renaissance Homeschool Group classes.)
Homework Expectation:  2+ hours/week.  If competing, the time required would reasonably be 5-10 hrs/wk for research, case-writing, and practice.
Additional Class Structure Details:  Debate, at the high school level, is more than arguing and it is more than public speaking; debate is the effective structuring and delivery of cohesive, coherent, and persuasive arguments to identify, explain and document specific problems, to develop and present plans to remedy those problems; and to develop and deliver effective responses to refute the positions others may advance.  
This full year course is designed to teach students how to construct effective and compelling debate “cases” (arguments and plans), how to respond to such cases and how to deliver those cases and responses convincingly. 
The course will use both the Policy Debate format (2-person teams) and the Lincoln-Douglas Debateformat (1-person teams) employed by the National Forensic League (NFL) and the NFL’s national Policy Debate Topic to teach and practice these skills. 
Students will engage in actual debates during class time using these formats and, if possible, with enough interest, selected students may put their debating skills “to the test” against debate teams from other schools/programs. There are many GREAT college scholarships for Debate!
Instructor Bio:  Stuart Sedlacek is a former Vice President and CFO of American Express Financial Advisors. He has previously developed and taught classes for middle school students at Summers-Knolls School in Ann Arbor and volunteered as an assistant debate coach at the high school level. Stuart was the State Debate Champion of Montana. He graduated summa cum laude from Harvard University and has his MBA from University of Michigan. He was the Debate Champion  He currently has two homeschooled children and enjoys golf, traveling, reading and serves on the Board of Directors for PWRS, Inc., a model train retailer and nascent manufacturer.
Cost:  $105 tuition and $20 material fee per semester, with a $60 registration fee. Additional classes available at a tuition rate of $105 per class plus material fees.  Oxford Virtual Academy students may count this as one of their 4 OVA funded homeschool group classes, if desired.


For More Information or to Enroll:  Contact Kim Dennis of Renaissance Homeschool Group:  

Kim Dennis

Volunteer Director
Renaissance Homeschool Group
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