Would your child like to participate in a First Lego League team and competition?  Is your child crazy about Lego Mindstorms and/or robotics?  Would he/she like to hang out with other gifted students who feel the same?  We are forming a team for this year’s theme “Nature’s Fury”.  This team will consist of gifted students, and students younger than 9 are welcome to apply.  First Lego League USA has assured us that younger students are allowed to compete.  Older students are also more than welcome!  Girls are especially encouraged.

We may be forming a joint team with Steppingstone School.  If we do that, meetings would be held at the school, after school times, and possibly Saturday afternoons, in Farmington Hills.  We may potentially form a second team that would be planned at a location convenient to those who sign up.

Teams consist of up to 10 students, and cost would be minimal to participants.  Team fees would be split between team members and we may have Lego Mindstorms kits and competition tables already available, so those may not be a cost.  We could also fundraise if needed.

Here is info about the basics of participating:

You can expect a time commitment of twice per week, 1-2 hr meetings for about 8 weeks starting after the challenge is released on August 27th.  After that you should plan time for at least one competition.  If you think you could fit this into your schedule and your child would like to participate, please email  Feel free to email with questions as well!  We’d like to get a team together by mid-August, but please feel free to contact me anyway, if it is past that time.  We may have some openings available later as well.  Thanks!

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