Would your child like to participate in a Math Pentathlon group this school year with other gifted students?  Math Pentathlon is a program geared to elementary school-aged students.  It allows students to use and develop their math skills while also having fun gaming with other students!  Students may play just for fun, or also compete at the local or national level.  The basics of Math Pentathlon are explained on this website:

Local Gifted Math Pentathlon groups are now forming.  Students need not be at the specific grade level of the group.  Four divisions of the game exist: Division I (K-1st grade), Division II (2nd-3rd grade), Division III (4th-5th grade), and Division IV (6th-7th grade).  Right now we have interest at the Division I, II and III levels.  Please choose the group appropriate to your child’s current estimated skill level in math.  For instance, you may have a 1st grader who is doing 3rd grade level math.  It would be appropriate to attend meetings for Division II in that case.  We have some preschoolers attending the K-1st grade meetings, since they are currently at that math level.  Purchase of game may not be required for participation as our group already has games to use.

If you are interested in participation in a Math Pentathlon group, please email  Please include days/times you would be interested in meeting, level of the game you’d like to use, and when/whether you’d be interested in hosting, etc.  I will compile the information sent to me and set up meetings for the groups!  If you check the event page of our website, you will see a meeting already set up for an afternoon in September for the K-1st grade division group.  Please RSVP if you are interested!  Thank you!!

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