So My Child’s Gifted – Now What Do I Do?

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Gifted 202:

So My Child’s Gifted – Now What Do I Do

You’ve recently been told your child is gifted, or your student has been placed in a gifted program. You thought that was the end of your journey – but now you find it was just the beginning! 

You want to know:

·        Are there additional tests available to verify my child’s abilities?

·        What reasonable adjustments to the classroom and the curriculum

can I expect the school to make to accommodate my child?

·        What about grade-skipping/acceleration? When is this an appropriate option?

·        How do I ask for these accommodations and advocate for my child

in a respectful manner?

·        What if my child has already given up – how do I motivate my child

to succeed?

·        My child’s social and emotional needs are unique – how can they

be addressed?

 Dr. Ellen Fiedler, Professor Emerita from the Master’s degree program in Gifted Education at Northeastern Illinois University, consultant with Wings for Education, and Past-President, Michigan Association for Gifted Children, will discuss these and other issues facing not just your child, but gifted children throughout our community. Get the answers you need to meet your advanced and accelerated learner’s needs.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Springfield Middle School Auditorium

7 – 9 pm

1023 Avenue A, Battle Creek, MI 49037

For more information, visit the website at,

or contact us at 269-353-3757.

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