Upcoming SENGinars…

Gifted Comes of Age: An Exploration

Date: Tuesday, October 8, 2013
Time: 7:30 p.m. Eastern [90 mins.]

Presenter: Joy Navan, PhD

As our aging population grows, assisted living and other eldercare facilties need to prepare differentiated environments that address their unique needs.

This SENGinar will address the gifted characteristics of older gifted individuals. What are their unique psychosocial needs? What are their developmental tasks in terms of self-actualization? How can residential environments respond to their needs?


Joy L. Navan, PhD, is professor emeritus of Murray State University and president of Navan Consultation Services. She provides services in Spanish and English to gifted children and their families through assessments, SENG Model Parent Discussion Groups, professional development, and educational planning. Dr. Navan served on the Kentucky Advisory Council and as a board member of the Kentucky Association for Gifted Education and Kentucky Odyssey of the Mind. She is the author of Nurturing the Gifted Female: A Guide for Educators and Parents. She currently serves on the SENG Board of Directors.

Gifted 101

Date: Thursday, October 17, 2013
Time: 7:30 p.m. Eastern [90 mins.]
Presenter: Carolyn Kottmeyer

Being new to “gifted” can be overwhelming. This overview will include topics such as:

•levels of giftedness
•personality types
You will also learn about twice exceptional and where to find support in real-life and virtual communities. Find Internet resources, including research, curriculum and lots more; and explore gifted books for parents, teachers, and kids.


Carolyn Kottmeyer is the founder and director of Hoagies’ Gifted Education Page and Hoagies’ Kids and Teens Page. She is a software engineer by training and trade, with degrees in software engineering. She developed an interest in gifted education a few years after the birth of her first child, when she noticed how different her daughter was and how the “normal” path through education didn’t seem to work for her. Since 1998, she has written for gifted newsletters and journals around the world, including Our Gifted Children, Gifted Education Communicator, The SENGVine, and a variety of state and local gifted newsletters. Carolyn frequently speaks at conferences including World Gifted Council, National Association of Gifted Children, Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education, New Jersey Association of Gifted Children and many other state and local gifted associations, National Association of Gifted Children in Malaysia, and others.

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