I plan to start a new science and technology club for our kids, ages 0 to 18, to launch in January.  This club will be kid-centered, revolving around the kids’ science and technology interests.  Don’t worry if your kids don’t have identified interests yet.  They can explore and choose as they attend the club.

This club will be designed for kids and an accompanying adult (more than one kid per adult is OK).  Each child will be encouraged to choose an activity or topic of interest and our club mentors and members will help each child achieve her/his goals, from start to finish.  The child will be the driver, working with other kids in the club, and advised by the accompanying adult and other mentors.  A secondary goal will be to have the adult become familiar with the child’s activity and be able to help the child continue with it at home later if desired.  This also promotes adult/child interaction.

Here are some examples of activities kids might choose from; however, their choices are not limited to these activities:

nature and ecology
young kids writing computer games
computer building
minecraft play with each other over a WiFi network
minecraft programming
computer programming (other than minecraft)
install and learn the Linux operating system
neuroscience experiments using Backyard Brains SpikerBoxes (we have them!)
Lego Mindstorms programming and solving First Lego League missions
building, printing and assembling custom isohedrons
computer research and learning tools

Although the club will be free, families may choose to purchase parts for building their own computer, other electronics, etc.  However, we will help families keep these costs down as much as possible.  For example, I will be soliciting donations of old PC’s, spare electronic parts, Legos, etc.  Also, we will use all our connections to help find cheap prices on anything that still must be purchased.

Now, I have two questions for you all…

1.  I plan to have at least one of the locations for the meetings be my home.  I sure would like it though if we could have a second location to accommodate people living far from Berkley.  Would anyone like to host as a second location?  I could always get the equipment to you somehow between meetings or you could use your own equipment.

2.  When would be a good day/time to meet?  I’m more available on weekends, but can also do some evenings (M or W) from about 6:30 on.  I’m thinking at my location, I could host a meeting about twice per month.

If possible, please answer my questions by Saturday (Nov. 30th) so I can set up the first meetings to be published in the Jan. edition of the Southeast Michigan Mensa publication M-Pathy which has a deadline of the 30th.  Thanks!!!

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  1. Erin Suddarth says:


    We would be interested. Two kids: darling son, 10 and darling daughter 7. Thanks, can’t wait!

  2. giftedinmichigan says:

    January evites for the club are now out! Please visit our Events page (see menu) to rsvp!!

  3. Krista orr says:

    I would be interested for my son

  4. paul says:

    Hi my name is Paul, and I have a son 13 and daughter that would be interested in your club , Might be interested in having club at my house in Washington.

    • giftedinmichigan says:

      Let me know if you do, and I’d be glad to set up an evite appointment for it! Thanks for considering hosting!

  5. I just noticed your post and I have a 6,000 square foot educational center in Sterling Heights. We are always looking to collaborate with like-minded groups in educating children. It would be our pleasure to host an event like this with you. (We have an assortment of Lego and Bionicle parts. May even have some odds and ends of computer parts to add to the cause) Contact me for more information at I Can! Educational Center (586) 446-4629.

    • giftedinmichigan says:

      Sounds like a great idea! I’m a bit busy with deadlines this week, but I should be able to call you sometime next week.

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