Hello from the Lorenzo Cultural Center!

 Brochures for our winter/spring 2014 program series are arriving in households now, and the full listing of events is on our website (http://www.lorenzoculturalcenter.com/) and attached. Because we are committed to making our programming accessible to all schools, programs and activities are free of charge.

The Roaring Twenties: From Riches to Rags will run from February 22 – May 4, 2014.  Join us as we examine the social issues and events that moved the country forward into the 20th century. Through artifacts, displays, and speakers, your students can explore topics like the rise of mass entertainment, American music and movies, Prohibition and organized crime, the culture clash of the 1920s, Detroit and Michigan history, and much more.  

You may be particularly interested in:

Prohibition in Detroit – Mar. 12 (Wed.) at 11am

Author Armando Delicato profiles Prohibition, the dramatic and fascinating period in Detroit history when, as an international border town with a waterway boundary and low support for Prohibition, the city became an epicenter for illegal liquor smuggling and related criminal activity. (Recommended for grades 8-12)

Boom Town: Detroit in the Roaring ‘20s – Mar. 20 (Thur.) at 11am

In the 1920s, Detroit’s automobile business was at full throttle, resulting in a city that grew faster than any other on the continent. Joel Stone, senior curator for the Detroit Historical Society, presents on this era in Detroit’s history, which also includes Prohibition, rum-running, and organized crime. (Recommended for grades 8-12)

The Great Inflation in Germany – Apr. 10 (Thur.) at 12pm

Gary Flemming, Ph.D., professor of international studies at Macomb Community College, discusses hyperinflation in post-World War I Germany, which peaked when one trillion marks were equal to one dollar, and makes the case that this hyperinflation contributed to the start of the Great Depression in the U.S. (Recommended for grades 10-12)

Splish, Splash Boom! The Early History of Radio Theatre – Apr. 25 (Fri.) at 11am & 1pm

Before television, radio theatre captured the imaginations of Americans across the country. Donald Ramlow, founder, director, and performer with the classic radio All Ears Theatre in Kalamazoo, describes the radio of the 1920s and demonstrates the sounds, styles, and effects of the early days of radio. (Recommended for grades 3-8)

We’d love to see you and your students here this spring! Contact Meghan Mott for more information about tours, scavenger hunts, and presentations appropriate for your students.  

Also, see the MISD calendar for information regarding a workshop, to be held at the Lorenzo Cultural Center on Tuesday, February 25th at 4:15pm.


Meghan Mott, MLS

Program Coordinator

Lorenzo Cultural Center

Macomb Center for the Performing Arts

44575 Garfield, Clinton Township, MI 48038


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