Weekly Online Current Events League for Grades 4-HS

*NewzBrain Introduces “1st Ever” School District, State and National Weekly Online Current Events League for Grades 4-HS

*Absolutely NO TEACHER PREPARATION! Students Use Their Technology!

* Designed for gifted teachers who see their student once a week or every other week!

*The league activity designed to assess a student’s general knowledge of current events on an ongoing weekly basis. The league weekly activity can be taken on laptops, student iPhones and iPads, in school or out of school!

$100 discount to homeschool groups

Your students will love it! Fun Learning, Global Thinking Enrichment!

The league (a 20-multiple choice assessment) test takes a student 8-10 minutes to complete each week.
Grades 3-5 Students Take a Level I League Assessment. Grades 6-12 take a Level II League Assessment. Student league scores will be compared by Grade level.

Weekly stickers and certificates for your students! All your student scores are tracked in a grading folder set up for the teacher. Awards are for weekly School District Top Scores State and National rankings and participation!

Very affordable to your school! District pricing is even better for you! Any or all your students can play in the league every week for a minimal cost to your school of $7 per week. As an added benefit, NewzBrain will also provide teachers with a weekly classroom group activity Interactive White Board game, called NewzBrain Weekly! (see samples at site)

To sign up for next school year, go to ORDER in the www.NewzBrain.com menu. You sign up your school. For great savings to your participation look at the District License form!

Call Peter if you have questions, 402-944-7300!

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