SpaceMath@NASA Retiring – To Continue Receiving Content, Support The Astronomy CAFE

As you may know, NASA has dramatically changed how it funds its education programs during this fiscal year and perhaps beyond.

SpaceMath@NASA has been generously supported through two consecutive NASA education grants, but the last of these grant monies have now expired. Consequently, SpaceMath@NASA is no longer an active resource with new updates as of July 1, 2014

NASA has long been a proponent of finding ways to leverage its resources in the commercial sector, and encourages education programs that it funds to make every effort to insure that the program can be expanded and maintained without further NASA financial support which they consider to be seed money and not intended to be permanent support. To that end, I am offering a way to continue supporting the development of mathematics resources based on real-world space science and discovery themes.

The Astronomy Cafe has begun the design of math resources that integrate Common Core Mathematics Standards with popular space science topics taken from press releases and other sources.

This is an experiment. If we receive little or no support for these products at Astronomy Cafe, I will abandon this program altogether as a privately extended venture. All that will remain will be a largely archival form of SpaceMath@NASA<mailto:SpaceMath@NASA> with little or no further problem development in the coming years. Moreover, after February 2015 the entire website will be taken down because for IT Security reasons, NASA cannot have public-facing websites that are not sponsored by NASA-affiliated civil servants or contractors.

Numerically, over 35,000 people visit SpaceMath@NASA every month, and since its inception in 2004 have downloaded over 9 million mathematics files and problems. I am still committed to providing Educators with these popular resources. Please support the resources at The Astronomy Cafe:

The Astronomy Cafe main page:
Educator Store:

I have also set up a Facebook page for Space Educators so that you can provide comments and suggestions, and read new announcements about current and future resources. Please visit this page and ‘Like’ it to give us a sense of how many of you want to continue to support the creating of future math-science real-world resources.


mes in the coming months.

Dr. Sten Odenwald
Director of STEM Resource Development
National Institute of Aerospace
Hampton, VA
Heliophysics Division
Code 672.4
Goddard Spaceflight Center
Greenbelt, MD

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