Michigan Association for Gifted Children (MAGC) Annual Conference Registration Still Open

Michigan Association for Gifted Children

Excelling with the Common Core
Annual Conference 2014 
Have You Registered  Yet?
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Fantastic speakers in a fabulous setting…REGISTER NOW!
The Michigan Association for Gifted Children invites you to join them for their annual Conference,
Excelling with the Common Core. Participants will take away strategies for identifying, raising, and educating gifted kids, as well as tips and techniques that ensure the Common Core State Standards are presented at the high levels of thinking and deep, rigorous levels of content required for ALL students, including the gifted.
Our keynote speaker will be Dr. Art Costa, founder of the Art Costa Centre for Thinking and author of Habits of Mind. Dr. Costa will discuss modifiable intelligence and what how we can grow cognitively throughout our lifetime. Participants will explore the nature of intelligent behavior and learn five strategies to enhance students’ intellectual capacities.
You will also hear from State Representative Sam Singh, who will discuss proposed legislation to identify gifted children and youth in Michigan. This is the first step in obtaining gifted education and services for students statewide. Learn more about the upcoming bill, including ways gifted families and educators can advocate for its passage.

Additionally, gifted education expert Dr. Ellen Fiedler will present two sessions, including, “Parenting Gifted Kids: Issues and Answers.” Dr. Fiedler will explore issues that commonly confront parents of gifted children and provide practical suggestions for dealing with the multitude of concerns they encounter along the way. Dr. Fiedler’s second presentation will be “Gifted Adults.” 

You can also learn about:

    • Common Core – What Is It and Is It Enough for Gifted Students? – Kelly Schultz
    • Posing Powerful Questions to Engage and Transform the Intellect – Art Costa
    • Advocacy That Works – Sherry Sparks
    • How to Create a Student Profile for the Identification of Gifted Learners – Beth Still
    • Growing Up Gifted: Students’ Reflections on Teaching, Learning, and Being – Christie McWilliams
    • What’s Uncommon about the Common Core? Examining the Implications of Standards-Based Instruction in the English Classroom – Rosalyn  Shahid
    • The Challenges of Teaching Gifted Children: What Works – Keiko Morse
    • Alternative Programming for the Gifted: Successful Examples – Susan Sheth & Kelly Schultz
    • Abuses (and Smarter Uses) of Assessment in an Era of Accountability – Kathee McDonald
    • Renzulli Learning: Using Technology to Amplify What Teachers are Doing – Jessica Schofield
  • GT/LD or Twice Exceptional: What It’s Really Like– Kelley Senkowski

If you are a parent, educator, or friend of gifted children, this conference is for you! Register now and share this information with others!

Date: Saturday, October 11, 2014 

Time: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


Michigan State University

Eli Broad School of Business

East Lansing, MI


MAGC Members: $50

Non-Members:  $65

Student Registration: $25

(must provide current semester’s schedule)

SCECHs:   $5 (available during registration)

Registration includes gourmet food stations for lunch, vendors, contact with gifted school representatives, and give-aways!

For more information, please visit:http://migiftedchild.org/conference/

To register, go to: Conference Registration

See you October 11!

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  1. mark siegmund says:

    some very interesting news regarding identifying gifted….thanks…you really do a great job!

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