Local Homeschool Groups of Interest to Families With Gifted Kids

Chessology: Online homeschool Chess Instruction

Diverse Homeschool of Genesee County

Genesee County, MI (residents of neighboring counties welcome)
Contact: Alicia
Phone: (810) 347-5455
Email: zandes13@yahoo.com
We’re new this year and all getting to know each other, so don’t be a stranger! There are creative field trips, hands-on science and art, speakers, community activities, and purely social events. There is sometimes a minor cost for events, but no cost at this time for group membership. This is a truly inclusive group.

Enrichment Hub

1825 East Square Lake Rd, Troy, MI, 48085
Contact: Tricia Ouellette or Amy Lapain
Phone: (248) 835-4203 or (248) 645-8035
Email: tupperwaretricia@aol.com, amlapain.amy@sbcglobal.net
A center of educational and artistic activities to support homeschool families in all ages of education, Enrichment Hub is open to learn, teach, volunteer, create, and grow together in Christ’s Honor. We host monthly support groups for moms, the 2nd Monday and the 4th Tuesday of each month, separate locations.

 Homeschool Connections
Offering homeschool classes and publically funded classes via a partnership with Madison District schools

Knickerbocker Homeschool Events

Michigan Gifted Homeschool Group

Southeast Michigan
Contact: Amy Simko
Phone: (586) 362-3000
Email: amy.simko@gmail.com
This group is meant to be a safe place for parents of gifted children to share stories, seek advice, find playdates and partake in field trips. While the group is based in Southeast Michigan, anyone homeschooling a gifted child birth to 18 is welcome to join in the discussions and events. Please note that we are a secular group with a zero tolerance for discrimination.

Oakland Homeschool Music, Inc.

P.O. Box 300652, Waterford, MI 48330
Contact: C. Beard
Phone: (248) 760-7864
Email: info@ohmimusic.com
We are a non-profit organization providing a complete K – 12 music education program for homeschoolers. We offer Elementary Music Class, Band, Orchestra, Guitar Class, Young Strings and Choir for beginner to advanced levels. Our students attend MSVMA & MSBOA events, and consistently receive I (superior) and II (good) ratings. We have over 275 students involved at our two branches – Waterford & Troy.

Open Homeschool Group
Offers weekly Friday parent taught classes and extracurricular activities


Meets on Thursdays.  Offers drop in Open gym, cooking classes and board games.  Also puts on a play each year.

Renaissance Homeschool Group
Wednesday meetings at : St. John Lutheran Church
23225 Gill Road
Farmington, MI 48335

SE Michigan Well Trained Mind

Centered in SE Michigan
Contact: Krista Schmidt
Phone: (989) 493-2555
Email: bun3kin@charter.net
We serve homeschooling parents in SE Michigan, providing online communication and connections with other Well Trained Mind/Classical families or those interested in implementing Well Trained Mind/Classical ideas. The group offers a forum for discussion of classical education as well as events in the SE Michigan area. All ages and faiths are welcome.

Totus Tuus Homeschool Enrichment Program

Offering homeschool classes and publically funded classes via a partnership with Oxford Virtual Academy

4 Responses to Local Homeschool Groups of Interest to Families With Gifted Kids

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Does the United Learning Academy still exist? Their domain name seems to have expired.

    • giftedinmichigan says:

      I tried calling them with no luck. I suspect they are no longer in existence. I will remove them from the list.

    • Jayme says:

      They are still very much alive and active in Ann Arbor! They are connected to Oxford Virtual Academy so that, once you register with OVA, you can take up to 5 ULA classes at no expense to you. Their classes are held on Thursdays, both fall and spring semesters, providing a fantastic selection of course content for all different ages. Please look them up again!

  2. Beth A. says:

    Just wanted you to know that Totus Tuus is not currently operating. Unfortunately, there were not enough students for the 2014-15 school year, and so it has folded.

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