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Sign up at these workshops and for a reasonable monthly fee (some are free), use equipment provided to work on your own inventions.

All Hands Active, Ann Arbor, MI – “Makers gather here at the AHA! Shop. We take our world and play with it like legos. Mixing and matching recipes of life like a top chef with a picky client. A dash of electronics, a pinch of art, a scoop of biology and a MONSTER amount of awesome.  Want to take a peek? Check out our occasional live UStream video feed at”

i3 Detroit, Ferndale, MI – “i3 Detroit is a collaborative environment for people to explore the balance between technology, art and culture. We feel the best way to create this environment is to bring like mind people together that share a common passion for technology, art and culture.”

Maker Works, Ann Arbor, MI – Kids welcome!  15 years and younger are free when accompanied by paid adult.  Just opened!  This maker space segregates tools according to kid-friendliness.  Safer tools are in the sections closest to the entrance.  More difficult dangerous tools are segregated further in.

Mt. Elliot Makerspace, Detroit, MI – Allows kids from walking age on.  Open now!  Come here for workshops on everything from how to make your own bike to alternative energy inventing!  Holds regular workshops and teaching sessions.  Mentoring regularly occurs here.  No monthly fee for this one.

OmniCorp Detroit, Detroit, MI – “OmniCorpDetroit is an intense group of designers, artists, engineers, musicians, thinkers, do-ers and makers that get together to build new things as well as share and collaborate within the Detroit community.”  This group has regular hack nights.  Facebook

Tech Brewery, Ann Arbor, MI – a community of technologists, entrepreneurs & startups – 1327 Jones Drive, Ann Arbor, MI – $50-$200 per desk/month-to-month –

TechShop Detroit, Allen Park, MI – Adult member can add a kid aged 12-17 for additional fee.  Opening Soon.  This one is largely automotive focused.  Joint project between Ford and TechShop.   Located on Ford properties in Allen Park.

Other workshops outside the local area, but nearby

GR Makers, Grand Rapids, MI – “We currently have tools for woodworking, light metal work, 3D printing via a MakerBot Replicator 2 and the soon to be completed RepRap. Recently we’ve been experimenting with the Raspberry Pi on various projects. We tend to specialize in whatever our members are doing at the time and incorporate it into our skillset. We are always looking for talented individuals who want to express their desire to make with unique abilities and talents. You are absolutely welcomed to learn and grow within our community.”

High Impedence Air Gap, East Lansing, MI – Join a growing community that’s bent on making stuff; Robots, Thing-O-Matic, Arduino, Quad-Copter, Squishy Circuits and more.  It’s a bit like the late 70s / early 80s (Atari, Heathkit, Commodore 64 and Lego)., Jackson, MI – A makerspace for kids!  The Shop Rat Foundation is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization with a mission to advance the skilled trade industries by opening the minds of our youth by building unique and innovative projects from concept to completion.  Founded by Chris Salow, a manufacturing entrepreneur who saw the need to inspire the next generation of workers, the foundation was developed to provide hands-on educational opportunities to students who live in a society that is dissolving hands-on skilled trade education from school curriculum.

The Geek Group, Grand Rapids, MI – Free membership!  Students and student groups welcome.  Skilled Trades people play a large role in this shop.

Great Maker Websites 

DIY, A community of kids who make!  Some friends of the founder of the Mt. Elliott Makerspace started this one.   This maker site is designed for kids 6 and up although younger kids are also welcome to participate.  Parental help with typing/reading is OK!

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  1. jdm90 says:

    Grand Rapids Makers (GRMakers) is starting up in Grand Rapids area. Please consider adding it to your list.

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